Public Watch Lists

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I’m having the Trip From Hell back home right now, but in spite of it, I’ve continued working on my life’s work, the Slope of Hope.

I wanted to let you know of a new “access point” for the watch lists Slopers have published for the enjoyment and use of others. Publishing and Subscribing to watch lists is a privilege for gold and diamond members, but I wanted to tell everyone about it. The premium members, since they can use it now, and the others, so they might, who knows, consider signing up.

In any case, there is now a page dedicated to shared watch lists, and on this page you can browse, search, sort, subscribe, or unsubscribe to any of them, instead of having to go through SlopeCharts. You can get there via this new menu item:

After which you’ll see a page something like this:

(just showing part of the page, since it doesn’t fit neatly here)

In any case, jump right in and check it out…………and publish more lists! My hope is that by making this information more accessible and visible, we’ll get even more participation than we have already. Thank you!