Knob and Keys

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Any Slopers up for Show-n-Tell?

Nothing to do with the markets, this is an escape from same, a tour of a current project of mine.

There is satisfaction for me in cleaning and fixing, to use again, stuff I’ve collected . Especially making something unique. It’s why I liked redoing old houses: I did it my way. That was the satisfaction. Having my fun with the job.

As a Christmas present for a few friends, I’m making small wood plaques, attaching four old brass keys as hooks, and a vintage doorknob as an additional hanger. A small gift I hope is aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Simple design. Lots of steps between start and finish.

One good thing is that I have all the materials. Quality materials. I’ve salvaged and saved old hardware, so have metal, glass, brass and porcelain antique doorknobs. Heart of pine has been a salvage passion for years. I have good wood.

The cool old keys are from James, who died a few years ago at 93, and we’d been good – yet cantankerous – friends for 25 years. An old cast iron sink he gave me is in use on my back porch. But I digress. James held onto a Lot of keys and I got me some.

Here are pictures of the project thus far.

Project components at the kitchen sink…Dad’s old needle-nose, oil can w/marvel mystery oil, 1Shot enamel, jar of thinner, baby hammer, stiff emery cloth, cleaned and ready-to-paint pristine doorknob [that did not start out like that].
The almost-finished doorknobs and escutcheons on my dresser.
The little girl figurine with tilted hat sitting atop her suitcase and holding umbrella, was from my grandmother’s collection; she gave it to me when I was young.
The wood ~ cut, sanded and sealed with coconut oil.
The bad. Doorknobs before help delivered.

There’s more painting to do on the knobs, wood trim to cut and affix, then to attach the hardware. Hopefully, I’ll be proud to show the end result. But like the markets, one can never be sure where it’ll end up.

Most important, I hope those who get one, like it enuf to make good use of the knob and keys.