Marketing Muck-Up

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In case you haven’t heard, Peloton – – just about the only unicorn stock which has been thriving this year – – has stepped in a pile of creosote lately, and all because of this ad:

In case you haven’t seen it, the ad essentially features a healthy-looking, rail-thin woman being given an exercise bike by her husband (who I suppose resents the 12 grams of fat she’s put on since they got married). I mean, I guess it beats a 12-pack of deodorant, but it isn’t exactly a sensitive gift.

In any case, she couldn’t be happier with this, and the commercial illustrates the story of her bicycling on this goddamned thing for a solid year and, having done so, meekly thanking her husband for changing her life.

I suspect when they cast for this part, they were looking for someone whose eyebrows say Please give me your approval, I beg you, for I cannot live without it.”


Of course, it doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve notice this bizarre fetish related to female eyebrows in our culture lately. Specifically, pop culture seems to have embraced eyebrows that resemble those of ventriloquist dummies – – lots and lots of controlling muscles that let them moving around as if they were two liberated caterpillars crawling on your forehead. The queen of this is Emilia Clarke.

Anyway, this little meme has shaved about 15% off the price of Peloton, which until recently had been going gangbusters.

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