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It hasn’t exactly been a newsworthy, awe-inspiring day, so I went through my fifty ETF charts and plucked out eight I thought were worthy of a few words. So here we go (click on any for big version):

slopechart DIA
DIA: broke its medium-term uptrend a few days ago; still below its price gap
slopechart GLD
GLD: needs to conquer that horizontal resistance and, more importantly, the descending trendline in order to escape the clutches of its right triangle pattern
slopechart ITB
ITB: still a solid bullish uptrend
slopechart IWM
IWM: range-bound for over an entire year, but a recent bullish breakout
slopechart IYT
IYT: still range-bound, and has remained below the price gap created a few days ago
slopechart TLT
TLT: as mentioned to gold/diamond members two days ago, this tagged its descending trendline perfect; it needs to break above it to help out any surviving equity bears
slopechart XLF
XLF: financials have also broken above a large base; bullish
slopechart XLI
XLI: industrials, similar to financials, have broken above bullish base