Shoeshine’s Blinding Glare

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We all know the fable about Joseph Kennedy hearing his shoeshine boy brag about his gains in the stock market, and him immediately dumping all his shares since it was clear there was some kind of peak at hand. Thanks to /wsb, we are confronted with an army of shoeshine boys on a daily basis.


By his own description, some chap whom society values at an annual salary of less than $36,996 has managed to make more than that in the span of a month. Not only that, he has a forum to prominently display his winnings. These young fellows have truly found a forum for promoting and celebrating gambling addictions.

Who can blame them, though? It’s not like there is any risk to it. Look at the MSFT chart below. This isn’t a tiny span of time where it happened to follow a straight line. This is a decade of data. Take all the hoo-ha around the coronavirus right now, and multiply it by the fifty other scares, scandals, and close calls that took place over the past decade. Through all of that, the likes of MSFT has hardly even blinked. You could put a case knife on your screen and conceal ever price bar since 2010.


Indeed, there is so much activity in wsb-land that even the likes of Bloomberg are using it as a data point. We have truly entered the Twilight Zone.

This is going to be a very light content day for me, as I am supremely occupied. There should be a more typical fire-hose of content this weekend, however. You have my solemn oath!