Wall Street Horizon

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The products and services on Slope are drawn from a wide variety of sources, but one of the core data vendors is Wall Street Horizon which provides earning dates. You might think that kind of data is available from all kinds of places, and it is. The problem is, from my research, they all stink except for WSH.

They dropped me an email the other day saying they’ve been making a weekly report available for free which consolidates a wide variety of information such as this:


You can download the most recent PDF by clicking here (you don’t have to register or anything; it’ll come straight to your computer). If you want to get it emailed to you at no charge, they’ve put a signup form here:.

Thank you, Wall Street Horizon, for making Slope better with your squeaky clean data! I assure you, Slopers, I’ve compared what we have here on the site and what other places (even huge corporations) have, and you’d be shocked at how bad other information sources are. People just assume it’s rock solid, since the’re looking at a big firm’s website.