Alerts in SlopeCharts

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The new features are happening so quickly on Slope, it’s easy to lose track. I’ve created a new category called Features you can use to see any posts about improvements to the site.

The most recent has to do with SlopeAlerts, which is our real-time intraday alert system. We have integrated it into SlopeCharts. Just right-click anywhere on the chart, and it is the first menu item available.


Right, now, it simply saves you the journey to the separate SlopeAlerts page. However, in short order (like today or tomorrow), we’ll be adding some features to make it higher value-added, such as auto-populating the symbol and also providing you the latest quote information and, hopefully, the value of any horizontal line you’ve clicked.

The idea here is to make it as easy and seamless as possible to create meaningful alerts for yourself while looking at charts. Give it a try!