Build That Wall

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I just wanted to announce a couple of formerly free pages went behind the paywall. Specifically, the Correlations Page is now for Silver, Gold, and Diamond members, and SlopeAlerts is for Gold and Diamond. Of course, the easy solution is to sign up for a membership. Regardless, here’s a favorite tune from the lovely Aimee Mann.

We actually put the Volatility Matrix and the Options Payoff Analyzer behind the pay wall too, but I changed my mind and, for now at least, they’ll remain free of charge for anyone to use.

I will mention, happily, that we’ve done some more hiring here at Slope, and we’ve got an array of improvements, projects, and services forthcoming. Here’s just a portion of our “to do” wall, which I’ve blurred out to keep the prying eyes of my competition at bay.

The general point being that, for whatever premium membership you get, there will be a steady flow of new additions to that level, and I think you’re going to like what’s coming down the road. Incidentally, for those of you with access to SlopeAlerts, please check it out; there are a variety of small improvements there.