Slope’s Greatest Long

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Slope is, understandably, widely perceived as a permabear site. This isn’t entirely justified. If you glance just to the right on your screen, at the category cloud, you can see the Long category is just about as big as Short.

This site has had a long, very positive disposition toward Tesla (both its cars and its stock). It all began early in 2013, when hardly anyone outside of Silicon Valley knew of the place. My first meaningful post was called A Quick Review of the Tesla S, which turned out to be quite a misnomer. It was a glowing, gushing review (and the car, with 140,000 miles on it, still looks and drives great), and I closed with this:

I think Tesla as a public company (symbol TSLA) has a great future ahead – I hope they do, at least – provided that the world embraces electric vehicles and the de facto more modest infrastructure for this kind of car. I’ll also mention that the new Slope of Hope (coming soon!) looks gorgeous, particularly in a vehicle being zipped around the Bay Area at high speeds. Elon has another winner on his hands.

(I find it amusing I went out of my way to state what the ticker symbol was, since hardly anyone would have known it back then).

I followed up this review with posts like Tesla Revving Up and Tesla Keeps Rocketing Higher. I noted “ I think Tesla, and its stock, have a very bright future ahead.“. Let’s see if I was right or not. I’ve marked my initial bullish post with an arrow.


Now I’m not going to stand here and pretend that I saw this kind of chart coming. But at least we can dispatch with the notion that I never say anything positive and bullish about a company. This one was a grand slam.