Best of 2020: Part 2 of 8

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Preface to all eight parts: This year was an extraordinary one for the world and an amazing one for Slope. Our user base has grown, our site has dozens more features, and we are poised for a great 2021, which will be our sixteenth year in business. Out of the thousands of posts this year, we have picked some we believe you will enjoy re-reading the most.

Diminishing Returns
My frantic short-selling starts to dry up

Fed Panics. Tim Cheers.
The Federal Reserve goes absolutely “all in” to save the rich

A Crucial Weekend
The last big weekend before the crash stopped in its tracks

Frogs From the Sky
The plague comes to Silicon Valley

Sand Castles and Fed Waves
Reflections on Q1 of 2020

Powell’s Pathetic Perversion
Treatise on why exactly I have such a bug up my ass about the Fed

Pain-Free Debt
Trillions and Trillions (say it in a Carl Sagan voice)

Forget the Prick
Has the bubble burst for good? I guess not.

Ex Squeeze Me
My tale of my car being hit by someone I know