Shapely Shapes

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The market is a mixed bag right now. Some charts, such as the small caps, are a directionless mess with a sprinkle of ADHD. This /RTY chart is virtually inscrutable:


This is not the case with the NASDAQ, however, which has been absolutely remarkable ever since I did my One Simple Chart premium post a week ago. This has truly gone the way I hoped and expected.


We might be hammering out the right shoulder of a larger pattern. At this point, the key support level is that horizontal line. Break that, and we could start to see some real downside action (and shrieks for trillions more in stimulus, surely).


I remain pointlessly ambitious with respect to the Top Ten page, where I am pleased to still be in the highest spot. I’ve taken on an aggressive stance with respect to QQQ puts to see if I can put some more daylight between The Director and myself.