25% In One Day

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Following on the heels of last week’s outstanding 35% gains. We made 25% YESTERDAY. Not a typo. And my small cracker test account I started three months ago with $5k I am up to $100K. That’s nearly what most people make in a normal year IN ONE DAY!



Turns out that crypto-assets are tribal, and people think about the coins they own as though they were football teams.

They keep the ones they love and they sell the ones they hate.

They cheer their chosen coins on and tell their friends to buy as well.

And they love the ones that make them money.

So we can make an educated guess about what’s going to go up next week, based on what happened in the past.

The race isn’t always to the swift, but that’s the way to bet.

And you can’t predict when crypto is going to go to the moon.

But you DO KNOW that it will happen eventually.

And when you hold the strongest coins all the time… when crypto goes up, YOUR portfolio will go up faster than most.

I never in a million years would have chosen to invest in Ethereum Classic.

It’s a shitcoin for real. A useless copy of a good thing offering not one bit of originality or value proposition.

ETCBTC snoopy

I now own a heap of that crap. And nobody’s happier than me. Well, maybe Scott – bastard bought a bit more even.

So anyway on Wednesday I held the 2nd in our 4 webinar series, I think this one was the best one yet. The response has been overwhelming…

If you haven’t watched yet, really – set aside some time. This HAS changed my life. I really want to do the same for you.

Here is the replay of webinar 1
Here is the replay of webinar 2

I’m serious, if you never watch another thing from me, watch these videos.

Webinar 3 is scheduled for this Sunday at 12:00pm Eastern.

Here’s the Zoom link.

Google Calendar for all future events.

Be there or be square!