Dumber Than You Think

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With all the talk going on about how the super-rich pay little to no taxes, like this gem………..


I was curious to know if Jeff Bezos had a Twitter account and, if so, what kinds of things were going on in there. Sure enough, he does (with millions of followers), and his most recent post was a virtue-signaling photo of him and the world’s most successful gold-digging homewrecker perched next to him, talking to President Macron about global warming or some such thing…………

So I assumed that his tweet would be absolutely littered with trolls throwing digital tomatoes at him about his tax evasion, but, weirdly, nope. Indeed, the reply immediately after his tweet was from this guy:


So………..does Mr. Sharma actually believe that Jeff Fucking Bezos is going to check into this dude’s deactivated Flex (whatever that is), particularly since he addressed him as “sir” and said “please“? I mean, I know people are stupid, but I never realized how stupid. This is just absurd.

Of course, one shouldn’t assume too much about a guy who would break up his family, give up $38 billion to his ex-wife, all in exchange for a bed-hopping woman whose upper lip has been crafted into a mobius strip.