I Quit!

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This is interesting……..

Infographic: U.S. Job Openings Hit Record High as Workers Quit in Droves | Statista

This lines up precisely with what I was saying with my Get To Work! post.

But let me share something with you: of all the feedback I get, whether via email, tweet, or carrier pigeon, the ratio of good to bad is about 500 to 1 (Desert Eagle notwithstanding). Even though almost everyone is anonymous and takes no risk in being nasty, the overwhelming majority of people appreciate my work and are nothing but kind about it. And why wouldn’t they be?

I do have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous dunderheads on occasion, however, particularly when I cross-post into the ZH cesspool. I did, in fact, cross-post Get To Work over on ZH, and I got this gem in my inbox, whose content was surprising because it’s like he read a different post or something:

I just read your your assinine post entitled “Get to Work!”. It appears you and Marie Antoinette have much in common. In most states, the unemployment compensation, even with the federal subsidy, is not enough to live on. Unless you consider residing with multiple room mates, or in your Mom’s house, living. And the minimum wage is an absolute joke. Even at the, hoped for $15/hr rate, you can’t live independently in most urban areas in this country. Why don’t you join us wage slaves and see how you like it. I am quite certain you would change your elitist tune in a big hurry! Awwww, poor baby, you can’t find someone to wait on you. What an insufferable prick you are! Fuck you very much, Kim Eakin

Sounds like a gem, doesn’t he? I’m going to guess Mr. Eakin is divorced. But that’s just a guess. And, as with most of my baseless guesses, an accurate one. I tend to read people quite well, and this one’s a cinch.

In any case, the country is on a trend of not working by choice. I used to assume people were like me and enjoyed working. They’re not. And they don’t. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.