Madness Goes Meta

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Well, this leaves me nearly speechless:


So we have a confluence – – a one/two punch, if you will – – of insanity.

  1. The entire notion of a non-fungible token, which to any sane person is clear and obvious madness;
  2. Anything to do with Dogecoin, which peaked in social relevancy during the not-at-all-funny Elon SNL gig and has since shriveled up in trading so that its volume is literally down about 97% from its peak.
slopechart DOGE

It was kind of amusing to watch the world go insane for a while. At this point, it’s getting just pathetic. $4 million paid (in Ethereum, no less) for the right to tell other people that you own the digital rights to the original picture of a dog. Who GIVES a shit?