Long-Lasting Election

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A week ago, I did a humorous post about the freak show we have here in California in the form of the gubernatorial recall and election. This election is coming up fast, on September 14th. Some might find that day is also National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day. The latest polls show that Newsom is a little safer than he was a month ago, when it was neck-and-neck.


Polls can be wrong, of course, and in a race this tight, you just never know. In 2003, people would have laughed if you told them at Arnold was going to be governor, but not only did it happen, but he served for eight years!

I think this is a fascinating election because of its possible consequences. Let’s just say that Newsom is voted out and Larry Elder, the conservative front-runner becomes governor. That would mean two immediate things:

  1. California would have a Republican governor, which hasn’t happened in this millennium!
  2. The GOP would be massively invigorated at the win, particularly with an eye toward next years’ mid-terms.

Ah, but there’s a third possible consequence, you see, and she looks like this:


This is Senator Feinstein, who was born the year that FDR first moved into the White House. Yes, in the same year this woman was born, you could literally exchange your paper dollar bills at a bank for gold. That’s how old she is.

If she retires or, more likely, kicks the bucket, before January 2023, guess who gets to appoint her successor? The governor. And guess who that governor might be? Yep, Larry Elder. And guess that the political makeup of the Senate is right now? Yep, 50/50.

Interesting possibilities!