No Offense

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I read in the newspaper this morning that the latest football mascot to cause wailing and gnashing of teeth was the Notre Dame’s “fighting Irish” leprechaun:

Now, I hardly care about college sports or their mascots, but this is truly getting ridiculous. So is this offensive to leprechauns? I mean, I’m from Louisiana, and I’m not Catholic, but I never got my panties in a wad about the New Orleans Saints fleur di les. Or if people from Louisiana were represented by an alligator, or a crawfish, or a hush puppy, for that matter – – I seriously wouldn’t care.

For a bit of perspective, allow me to share some widely-published advertisements from the prior century which might offer some insight into how far we’ve come (and how easily offended we are today, compared to the past):

And, one last one: I have GOT to get me some of these pants. Why? Two words: Action Zone.