VR is Getting Good!

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Some of you old-timers here may remember that, years ago, I set up a virtual reality system here in my house. (Well, not exactly; my beloved and way-smarter-than-me son built the computer and put the VR together). It was, for its time, impressive, but wow was it cumbersome. It had a dedicated tower computer, multiple “scanning” devices positioned around the room to track where we were, a bulky headset, two hand controllers, and long, cumbersome wires all over the place. It was the best the world had to offer, and it was a total kludge, besides being very expensive.

Still, we had fun with it. In one of my prouder moments as a father, my daughter recorded herself in a virtual bar, beating the hell out of other patrons.

As I mentioned this week, I was undergoing a high-tech-kick recently, and one of my impulses was to buy a new VR system, even though we hadn’t touched our old one for literally years. I decided on the new Oculus Quest 2, and having played with it just the past 24 hours, all I can say is, WOW, what an improvement!

It can play all the software we used to play with (including, naturally, tons of much newer, better stuff). But here are some of the big advantages:

  1. It’s CHEAP. It was only $299 from Amazon. That’s a fraction of what the Hive was.
  2. It’s totally self-contained. You don’t need to literally be screwing monitoring devices to your walls. You don’t need a dedicated computer. You don’t even need a phone. All you need is wireless Internet. That’s it. You could use this thing in a Starbucks, if you wanted to (although I don’t recommend it).
  3. No wires! Let me say that again, with enthusiasm: NO WIRES! This is a huge, deal!

We’re all having a total blast with it. Here’s a review I found online that tells you more. If you want to give VR a try, give it a shot by clicking here.