SlopeRules for Crypto

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During my afternoon swim, which is typically my most thought-filled time of day, something occurred to me: I had never tried SlopeRules with cryptocurrencies. In fact, I didn’t even know if they would work (they do, it turns out), so I poked around with it some and find the results intriguing.

slopechart BTC

I have barely scratched the surface, but I already found a number of rule sets that seem very effective.


And I had even forgotten what a nice job SlopeCharts does showing the rules!

slopechart BTC

But this leads me to a point I’ve been wanting to make. I recently decided to stop adding any new bells, whistles, and gizmos, and focus on the quality of what we’ve already got. There are big opportunities for improvement, and I’d rather focus on making the foundation as good as possible instead of creating the latest doohickey. So – – know this! And now I’m going to return to SlopeRules and see how we can do a better job with this.