The 4th Victory

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I made four specific predictions about Tesla (TSLA). A quick search of even just the number “910” in the Slope of Hope search field will reveal some of them. The first three predictions came true with remarkable precision, as I enumerated in this back-patting post back on November 15th. The 4th one was pending. Specifically, a prediction that the stock would fall until its price gap at $910. Here’s one mention of that price target.


As ridiculous as it was to predict a 25% drop in one of the hottest stocks on the planet, well, we’re getting awfully close. We cracked into the triple-digits this morning. To be clear, I have no position in this stock. I simply wanted to point out that we might just see a “4 out of 4” situation this month, since it seems altogether likely to me that TSLA will nail the target I offered, particularly since it’s managing to be down 3% on this insane all-green day of ours.