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Hey, Tim, whatever happened to SlopeTalk?!?!

Glad you asked! Let’s recap, especially for newcomers…………

  • The Slope comments system has been the centerpiece of the site for most of Slope’s nearly seventeen years as a beloved website;
  • I decided to up Slope’s conversation game by creating a clone of the popular Discord system (although well shy of Discord’s $15 billion valuation). This new creation is called SlopeTalk.
  • Because Slope’s comment system is already oh-so-awesome, very few people have been using SlopeTalk, because there’s not a particularly compelling reason to do so.

So………..what to do? Ditch it? Give up? Nah, that’s not my style. I’d like to explain a couple of things we’ve been working on to put the paddles on SlopeTalk’s chest and see if we can get you good people to care about it and use it.

The All Channels Channel

Now when you go to SlopeTalk, you will automatically be deposited into the All Channels channel.


This channel has a number of interesting properties:

  1. It consolidates ALL the content from ALL the channels in SlopeTalk plus all the comments from the fabled Slope comments system!
  2. It is a “read only” channel. The best way of think of it is as a “jumping off point” to whatever content intrigues you.
  3. When you click on any item of interest, it will immediately take you there if it is another SlopeTalk channel. If it’s a comment (or other content) form the comments system, it will open a new tab and send you directly there.
  4. If you click various items from SlopeTalk which are from comments, it will simply re-use the same tab to take you there, instead of opening up a gazillion different tabs.
  5. You can also right-click on anything in All Channels to choose the Reply command so that you can instantly reply to whatever item you like, regardless of its source.

The All Channels channel is right at the top of the channel panel. So I’d like you to try it at length and email me directly with your feedback and ideas.



The second major initiative – – and it’s a tough one!!! – – is to add a voice channel so that, God help us all, we can actually speak to each other.

I have absolutely no idea if people are going to like this and use this. Maybe it’ll be transformative, and Slopers all pile in and make gabbing with one another in real time a big part of their lives. Or maybe no one will use it. We’ll have to see. But this is my Last Great Effort with SlopeTalk to see if it has a special place on Slope or not. I’ll obviously make a big announcement when it’s ready for you to try.

Anyway, All Channels is ready right this second, so jump in and give SlopeTalk a fresh look! I look forward to your feedback.