Quarterly Bars

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That’s it, ladies and gentlemen (oh, I mean, “friends” and “dreamers of all ages“). The first quarter is complete. Here are some major ETFs displayed as quarterly bars, with a few remarks in the caption area.

Commodities obviously had an incredibly good quarter. The last time the bars looked like this was the summer of 2008. Hmmm, something interesting happened right around then.
Equities outside of North America dipped, and although is isn’t clear with this crude granularity, this remains my favorite topping pattern.
Gold, bless it, did terrific, and it is at the cusp of what could be an important breakout.
Tech stocks had their first down quarter in literally YEARS.
The big daddy of them all, the SPYders, also produced the first red bar in a coon’s age.
Energy had an absolutely insanely good quarter.
I’m watching the banks closely. We have a “spinning top” on this quarterly bar. Here’s hoping Q2 2022 throws off a nice big fat red one for us.