Volume Profile Improved!

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I am very pleased to tell you that, even in the midst of an insane traveling schedule, we are rolling out a much-improved Volume Profile study. Specifically, we have expanded the depth of data to include much more comprehensive history. You will now see a new dropdown in the parameters for this study which lets you choose how much volume data you want analyzed: from as little as the most recent trading day all the way to “All”, which constitutes about twenty months of intraday data (which is a lot of information).

Here is an example of a chart for the past year; you can immediately see how much more complete the volume profile is than it was before.

Here is the “meme” stock Bed Bath & Beyond during the recent frenzied period in which it was one of the most popular stocks traded. You can see how more recently activity is displayed with a darker color, whereas older data (in this case, a few trading days prior) is shown with a lighter shade of red.

As a reminder, we are going to put this cool study behind the paywall so only Gold and Platinum members can access it, but I wanted to have it available to everyone at first to mess around with it.