What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

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I’ve always consider equity bulls an unattractive bunch, but I’m usually thinking of their souls, their ethics, their spirits. But Ken Fisher takes it to a whole other level, and I’ve had to stare at this mug ever since I was a wee lad reading Forbes magazine, in which he’s had a column ever since Mamie Eisenhower was on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. Yuck!

What got me thinking about this dork was that, by chance, I stumbled upon this featured story in, of all things, the New York Post. It goes like this:

A bull market, huh, Ken? This is a man who has, never once, stood on a roof and shouted “SELL!” He makes the likes of Tom Lee seem bearish. I will note, however, to the credit of New York Post readers, the top-rated comment makes a certain amount of sense.

As for the Post, the fact they are touting a new bull market which is in “full swing” gives me tremendous comfort, although the publication might want to stick more to its wheelhouse, which evidently is driven by editors with a ceaseless phallic obsession.