About Those Watch Lists

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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to remove the watch lists widget from the right column of the blog.

Many people wondered why I did this. Some people supposed that it is because I am managing money for others now, and they figured I didn't want to show my positions. That actually was a pretty minor factor in the decision.

The real reason is speed. I was noticing how having the watch list module on the site slowed down its loading.

I will share, however, my list of shorts positions one last time – "one for the road", as it were. If the market goes south, this is an act of munificence. If the market pushes higher, this is an exploding cigar. In any case, the format is simply "symbol……stop price", and here's the list of all the current shorts in my biggest account.

As a side note, many thanks to those who have written me, volunteering to contribute to the blog. I'll be getting back to you today.

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