God’s Own Spreadsheet

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I have been working on a really cool spreadsheet to help me manage positions and risk. I totally lost track of the time; mentally it was 9:30 in the morning, but when I glanced at the clock, it was 11:30. Tempus fugit.

I originally set out to do this in Google Docs, since it has a built-in GoogleFinance function that lets you suck in price data, average volume, and so forth. Let me just say that it was a total disaster, and although Google usually makes really terrific stuff, I was totally let down and flabbergasted at how rotten my spreadsheet experience was in Google Docs.

So I'm back to Excel, which is working great – – except that I don't have a handy way to suck in a price quote. I know that there's a way to get a price quote from Microsoft Money, but the result – – if I may use a technical term – – is completely retarded.

Does anyone know of a method to fetch a price quote of a given symbol in Excel? Just drop a comment in the comments section so we can all learn from it; thank you!