Our Own Worst Enemy?

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A Sloper wrote me this evening with a thought-provoking email; he kindly gave me permission to reprint it here anonymously:

I just want to share a thought/observation that I have had: there has been a mentality shift in your website, most crucially in the cumulative psyche of your Slopers. For the first time, instead of shorting a rally, almost everyone is waiting  for a higher push to 1100-1120 to short. I believe that is significant sentiment event, one to be approached  in the contrarian fashion.

To me, it's like the longs who waited for 600 on SPX to go long after getting hurt trying to bottom pick. 

It's demeaning to be considered part of a psyche that should be faded, which is why I am writing to you in private via email. I am by no means commenting on the skill or integrity of your site or of Slopers and do not want to offend any one. I just want to point out that I belieive that this fear of shorting now is one of many other signs that a vicious sell off is imminient. Personally, I think it is this week and we don't push past 1085-1090 on ES.

I know I am one of many many faceless names/email addresses/avatars, but I hope these thoughts help. I could always be wrong, like anyone else, but what I am pointing out is something at least worth being congnizant of.