Two Sides of the Coin

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I did an exhaustive – and exhausting – examination of all my individual stock charts until well past 3 this morning. Unlike some instances, it wasn't a matter of finding only bearish ideas (perhaps I'm having a more open mind these days): I found about 45 bullish ideas and about 85 bearish ones.

But this is a week fraught with both risk and opportunity, since it is jam-packed with important earnings reports. Just one of them, Intel (INTC), reports after Tuesday's close, and that's massively important. Investors want to see if there's any reality to the green shoots or not.

I was pleased at all the positive feedback I got about Fujisan's post yesterday (although I got one email about it which was downright rude – you can't please all the people). I'm glad for her contribution, and I look forward to many more!