Run, Charlie!

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As some of you have probably already read in Tyler-ville, the corrupt Chinese government is so desperate to prop up the illusion of Asian prosperity that they’ve taken to threatening short sellers with arrest. Here’s the official announcement, hilariously translated by Google:


Proving once again, as I’ve said before, that equity bulls are the welfare queens of capitalism. A bunch of whining wimps who have to rely on Big Daddy (in this case, the unscrupulous leaders of China) to bail their useless butts out of trouble. Pathetic!

And just wait………this kind of nonsense will happen in the U.S. in the coming years once the wheels start falling off. Expect your brave host and Slope to be targets. The honesty and forthrightness of bears gets them into trouble every time. And the parasitic bulls will keep bleating and whining all the way down into oblivion.