Civil Servants

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I really should know better by now, but I still get amazed when I see the obscene salaries that bureaucrats and civic employees get. I can’t imagine anyone less motivated, industrious, or clever than a government employee, and yet thanks to their unions, they get salaries that far exceed the average compensation at Goldman Sachs (or Apple or Google, for that matter). The truth value of these employees is, I am highly confident, about 66% less than they are paid.

There’s a crummy little town near Palo Alto called Redwood City – – it’s a real shithole, except for a few good taco joints – – that spends over $100 million for its government. This is a “city” of 82,000 people, and one glance will show you the largesse that they’ve granted themselves…..


This canard about firefighters being this lower-middle-class just-getting-by workers is preposterous. Do they get a limousine to work every day? The list continues……….


It goes on like this for hundreds of workers, every one of which gets a six-figure salary. I’m even talking about secretaries and assistant librarians.

So next time you’re getting a parking ticket – – at least around these parts – – know that the cash is going to a very good cause.

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