Don’t Know Shiloh from Shinola

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Here’s a special post for any Californians out there who wonder where their tax dollars are going. Some of you may have heard about this freak, who was convicted of vicious, murderous crimes and yet successfully demanded the state provide him expensive gender reassignment surgery, otherwise he might kill himself from depression.

So, in a sensible world, a razor blade would have been quietly provided and the officials could wait until their ongoing expense had addressed itself. Instead, the state fell all over itself to get the surgery that this weirdo so obviously deserved. Of course, the description of this person’s crimes depends on the source. If you read a heavily left-leaning publication, you get this:

Convicted murderer Shiloh Quine, who is serving a life sentence for her role in a deadly 1980 incident in Los Angeles

Hmm. A “role” in an “incident“. Doesn’t sound so bad. But if you read a right-leaning publication, you get something that sounds a little closer to what actually happened:

He and an accomplice killed a man, Shahid Ali Baig, age 33 and a father of three, in 1980 while stealing his car during “a drug and alcohol-fueled rampage.” The victim’s daughter, Farida Baig, legally petitioned to have the surgery denied but was unsuccessful. She said “My dad begged for his life.”

Anyway, a prison psychologist recommended the surgery after Quine said it would bring “a drastic, internal completeness” to her life. What’s that? You don’t have drastic and internal completeness in your own life? Tough. You didn’t kill anyone, now, did you?

So the state wound up paying upwards of $100,000 to chop this murderer’s dick off and give him (umm…”her“) contentment. Would you like to see the result? Form a line. No shoving, please, gentlemen. Voila!

Rorrwwwwww. Amiright? She’s even got a porn-star-y “Heavenly” in her name. Hot!

Naturally, though, it couldn’t end there. The drastic and internal completeness didn’t last forever, and the legal battles (and bills) keep piling up as these mentally ill freakazoids keep demanding more. The latest ruling declares:

California prison officials must provide for free undergarments that flatten the chest of transgender inmates at women’s prisons and give transgender inmates at men’s prisons access to bracelets, earrings, hair brushes and hair clips.

You see, Shiloh complained that, and I quote, the resulting beard and mustache were making the transition to life as a woman more difficult, while she also was being denied her television and enough privacy to perform required intimate post-operative procedures.

I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what those intimate post-operative procedures were all about.

Not to be outdone, a legislator named – – and seriously, I am not making this up – – Representative Wiener – is now taking this battle to old folks’ homes:

The “LGBT Senior Long-Term Care Bill of Rights,” introduced by Scott Wiener, a state senator from San Francisco, would force nursing home workers to use a residents’ preferred pronoun and prohibit “transferring a resident within a facility or to another facility based on anti-LGBT attitudes of other residents.”

So next time your car slams into a bad pothole in the road or you see a homeless veteran in rags begging for money, take heart. The money is being used where it’s needed most: six-figure reassignment surgery, hairbrushes, and earrings.

Can we just go back to my razor idea?