Rotten Spam

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Like most people, I get a lot of spam. Virtually all of it has to do with (1) erectile dysfunction (2) toe fungus (3) back pain. I’ve got problems, but, sorry, none of those three makes the list.

I don’t normally get pop-up spam, but one managed to sneak through………


In order to give the above some credibility, you would need to believe:

(1) Anderson Cooper interviewed Stephen Hawking on CNN;

(2) THe topic of discussion was some kind of breakthrough in which we access 100% of our brain, which of course stems from the oft-cited fallacy that we only use 10% of our brains.

If such a come-on appeals to you, congratulations, you are mentally retarded, particularly if you still believe the 10%-of-our-brain business.

My sharp eye, typically used for stock charts, spotted something on the chalkboard that was ostensibly in place to make Hawking seem super-smart. Looking close, I saw this:


This, to me, made the few moments wasted on this advertisement all worthwhile, particularly since I was reminded of the Islamic yo-yos carrying out banners after 9/11 praising bin Laden, clueless to the fact that in cobbling together images of the now-dead lunatic, none other than Bert from Sesame Street was part of the poster.