Snowy Morning

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Happy Tuesday, everyone, and greetings from Northstar, where we own a place for some occasional relaxation. The other members of Team Knight are sleeping right now, as they should be, and your intrepid blogger is in the dark family room, looking out upon the snow-covered pines and light grey fog of a Sierra morning.

It’s a good morning so far, with yesterday’s Slope Plus idea bearing fruit already, and my shorts in general behaving themselves properly (e.g. moving lower, and nothing getting stopped out). My fixation these days, as you’ve guessed, is the Japanese Yen, but I’m just as interested in what crude oil is doing, since it is at a Holy-Lord-this-is-key critical juncture.


I’m going to make a little breakfast and come back to my tiny trader’s workstation (just 2 laptops instead of my normal 7 screens) in a bit.