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I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL for all this time, but I had a phalanx of family activities, and I was trying to get my family off to the airport on a trip, but that didn’t work out. See, the limp-wristed ghey boys at SFO almost shut down the airport any time it starts to sprinkle here, so all flights were delayed four hours because of – – and I’m not making this up – – “weather”. And I’m not talking about hurricanes and tornadoes. I’m talking about rain. What a bunch of pansies.


During my travels up and down the peninsula, I obviously saw what was going on with the markets based on our launching dozens of missiles into Syria. Frankly I’m inclined to be supportive of this, since I was deeply affected by the many heartbreaking photos of children that had been gassed to death by a man so desperate to cling to power he will do nothing to lose it.


At this point, oil and gold are strong and equities are weak, although they have – – since equity bulls can’t dare by given any pain, the poor darlings – – bounced well off their lows. All the same, the color is red, so that’s good with me, although this idiotic market may well turn green just because, like I said, the government doesn’t want those wet-nursed bulls to ever suffer a loss, even though they deserve it, every last one of them.


I will be most interested to see how energy stocks do in the face of oil’s strength. In other words, for energy companies, will oil’s strength overwhelm general equity weakness or not.


It’s going to be a really interesting day on Friday, no doubt, because we’ve got the big monthly jobs report to contend with as well. Good luck, and God Bless America.