Big Divergence (by Greenbuckeye)

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Hey Slopers! Here is my quick view of how I see $SPX right now.
We have had a almost non-stop rise since November, but I am seeing
the possibility of rising volatility for the rest of the summer.
We all know what happened to Tech last Friday and I believe that was
warning to the rest of the markets.

I have one of my favorite indicators with a fairly big divergence forming and
about to roll over. On top of that this rising wedge has narrowing price action.
We have violated the bottom trend line a couple of times already.

My thought is we are about to have a breakdown back into a big broadening triangle.
Obviously we can continue going up but here is my road map if we go below 2415 SPX.
With little support I do not think a retest of the lows in November are out of the question.
It is there that I believe would be the last great buying opportunity of this bull market that
could take it higher than most believe. 2016 marked the bottom of a 7 year ongoing cycle
in the markets. If correct we have 2-3 years left of the bull market and could see big
gains yet.

Happy trading Everyone!