Need Help with Flow

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I could use a bit of help, and I’m willing to pay for it (kind of).

A few days ago, when I sought to test out the new “sharing” feature in SlopeCharts, I did something I haven’t had a need to do in years – – – created a new profile. After all, if I wanted to test out a system meant for sharing, I had to have a second account to use. So I logged off my normal account, went to the home page, and entered the information to create a new account:


The problem is, after I clicked Free Sign Up, the system threw up all over itself. It had an error message. Oh my LORD. A chill went through me, as I wondered how many hundreds – – thousands, even?? – – of people had tried to create an account, got this message, and then threw their hands up in disgust. And no one ever mentioned it to me!!!!!! AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE

So I want some folks to do an end-to-end examination of the system. The purpose isn’t to make sure the entry form isn’t broken anymore – – I think we’ve fixed that. The challenge is to make sure there is CLARITY in the flow, all the way from being a guest to being a Slope PLUS subscriber. So I’m looking for testers who are discerning, can help make suggestions about things like “welcome” emails, and basically make the experience of becoming a Slope PLUS member easy and understandable.

(As a side note, I’m going to be re-doing the welcome video, since it’s terribly dated).

Oh, and there’s one other requirement – – you need to want to become a PLUS member yourself and sign up for a year. If you are really interested, drop me an email, and I’ll make you a special deal on membership. My motivation is to get some objective perspective……….now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll continue to beat my head against the wall, wondering how many years Slope’s sign-up form on its home page hasn’t freakin’ WORKED!!!!!!!!

Thank you. (Oh, and if you want to do the above anyway and send me feedback, that’s great; obviously there’s no need to sign up for a subscription).