Finally In The Inflection Point

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Well here we are at last. NQ broke over last night’s bull flag and NDX is trying to break over daily middle band resistance. NQ has reached the minimum bull flag target at 5815 and is in the inflection point that I’ve been looking for. On a break up from the inflection point we likely see all time high retests on NDX/NQ and SPX/ES. On the bear scenario here we see likely hard fails back into last week’s lows, and likely continuation down from there. Price must decide which.

SPX has repeatedly held the daily middle band as support and may be starting a move up to a full retest of the all time high. SPX daily chart:

170623 SPX Daily

NDX is breaking over the daily middle band intraday. If the inflection point is going to resolve down NDX likely closes back under the daily middle band, though we could see a weak close above with a rejection instead of confirmation candle on Monday. NDX daily chart:

170623 NDX Daily

The ES and NQ futures charts below were done after the RTH close for Daily Video Service subscribers at If you are interested in trying our services a 30 day free trial is available here. I have updated the charts with prices up to when I started writing this post.

On ES there is a possible double bottom in place. On a sustained break over 2440.25 the target would be a minimum retest of the all time high. On a fail here we likely see a sustained break below 2430 area support. ES Sep 60min chart:

170623 Lunch ES Sep 60min

NQ broke up from the bull flag and made the target at 5815. This is either a double bottom breaking up towards a minimum target at a retest of the all time high, or it is a smaller double top within what I would call a Janus bear flag with a minimum target back at 5641. There is no real middle ground on this setup so it should be one or the other. NQ Sep 60min chart:

170623 Lunch NQ Sep 60min

At the time of writing bears are trying to break this down and they may succeed, but I’ve been treating this as a coin toss on the direction of the break and am keeping an open mind. Price will decide.