Ignore-ance Is Bliss

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One of the core features of the Slope of Hope (besides – cough coughSlopeChartscough cough) is its custom-made comments system. Having been online since 1981 myself, I am acutely sensitive to the online community experience, and I’ve tried to build a comments system that reflects those values.

One rather unique feature in it is the ability to ignore anyone. This has improved the social atmosphere here tremendously, since people are spared reading the thoughts or those who, for whatever reason, rub them the wrong way. For all these years, if a given individual was ignored, then their comment would not appear, although their name and a blue line would:


Lately, Slopers have been increasingly asking for people who are ignored to be utterly invisible. I was finally goosed into action this weekend by the following remark:


I accept!

Thus, over the course of Saturday, we made a change such that ignored people become absolutely invisible. The downside is that once they’re ignored, they’re ignored forever, since you have no way to access their profile anymore. Something tells me that isn’t going to be a problem.

I’ll also mention as an aside one other change – – in SlopeCharts, only PLUS subscribers can get the continuous futures contracts from now on. (Symbols like /ES for the e-mini S&P 500, /GC for gold, /W for wheat, and so forth.) From now on, as I add features to SlopeCharts, I’ll mention whether or not they are exclusive to PLUS members or not.