Improvements in Sharing

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Ever since the introduction of SlopeCharts (and, more particularly, the PLUS-exclusive features in it), there has been a bull market in subscriptions, which is great. PLUS, after all, is what keeps this place running. I assure you, a few years ago, Slope of Hope was heading for the dustbin of history, since advertising revenue absolutely sucks. Anyway, PLUS is thriving, so thank you, PLUS members!


I bring this up because the recent ability to publish/share/view other charts in SlopeCharts has been enhanced a bit. I am delighted to see that people besides myself are starting to publish their watch lists (which obviously means they are publishing the charts therein for others to see):


For those of you who are premium members, please know we’ve added a couple of nice enhancements. First of all, now when you look at someone else’s list, any symbols you already follow in one of your lists will be italicized. In other words, anything not italicized is unique to that shared list. Of course, there’s no harm in looking a redundant symbols, because the other person may have drawings on it that give you unique insight or perspective into the symbol you already follow separately.


Also, you can right-click on a shared watch list and copy all of its symbols to one of your lists or export it to a .CSV file.


As I’ve been using shared watch lists recently, I thought of yet another feature to add (and, rest assured, there are plenty of features for BOTH non-subscribers and subscribers forthcoming). I think it would be valuable for people to see what has CHANGED in a watch list. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you follow my watch list called TKO Short, which has my short positions. Let’s say there are 50 symbols in there.

Well, day to day, do you want to look at all 50? I doubt it! You probably want to know what has changed! What if you check tomorrow and there are 54. There’s no way you’re going to be able to figure out what’s new.

So I think there are a couple of ways to solve this, and I’d like you to think about it and tell me what you’d prefer doing.

One way would be what I’ll call the “What’s New” feature. In this instance, for each user, any time they look at a watch list, it would highlight in some way the symbols which are NEW to that watch list compared to the last time they checked. I’m sure you’ve seen discussion boards and other sites which have some form of this…………..some sites show new stuff with blue hyperlink and stuff you’ve seen is purple. Anyway, the point is that, for each user, we’d need to retain an understand as to the state of the watch list the last time they were in SlopeCharts and show them what has changed.

The other method is what I’ll call the “Aging” feature, and in this case we’d keep a timestamp (in the database) for each symbol in each database, and we’d color the symbols in share lists based on their age. So, for example, symbols added to the watch list in the past 24 hours might be in red, and those between 24 and 48 hours would be in blue, and stuff older than 48 hours would be green.

So I’m interested in what you’d prefer (or if there’s another angle I’m not even thinking about). I say again: I’m so delighted to have a product again, since I sold Prophet a dozen years ago and haven’t had any way to express my charting mojo. I look forward to reading what you have to say.