Latest Batch of SlopeCharts Improvements

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I’m very pleased to let you know of a hodgepodge of improvements to SlopeCharts. Please note that all of these improvements are for all Slopers, not just our esteemed Slope PLUS members.

First up is a new icon, located on the extreme right, for Preferences.


At the moment, we’ve only got a couple of things in there, but this is going to be a repository for all kinds of future user preferences, such as color schemes, that do not yet exist. As of now, there are a couple of settings, both of them new features themselves.


One of them allows you to put in boldface any one element of the data line. You may wonder what the point of this is. Well, let’s take my own situation – – since all my positions are short, I like to be able to focus on the High price for a given bar, so I can set my stop-loss just above it. Having it stand out a little bit with boldface makes my task a skosh easier.


We also let you put a grid on the chart. I personally don’t use grids, since I think they add visual clutter, but some people like them.


SlopeCharts has a variety of technical indicators you can apply to charts. To invoke them, click on this button:


There is a dialog box with tabs that allows you to customize and apply any technical indicators to any chart you display. The first tab is for Moving Averages. You can apply up to three of them in any color, and they can be set to either Simple or Exponential style.


The next tab is for the Parabolic Stop And Reversal (PSAR). Click the “Show” checkbox to display it, and although most people are fine with the defaults, you can alter these if you wish. As with any other element in SlopeCharts, you can choose a different color if you like.


Here is an example of how PSAR is displayed:


The third tab, Bollinger Bands, likewise allows you to choose between Simple and Exponential. You can alter the number of days used in the calculation and, as always, the color.


And here is an example of what Bollinger Bands would look like:


Over time, more indicators will be added to SlopeCharts, but the means of entering them by way of this dialog box will remain the same. You can mix and match indicators to your liking, and they will be applied to any and all charts you observe until such time as you “clear” the indicators via this same dialog box.

I appreciate the suggestions people keep offering, many of which are already on the list of forthcoming features. Thank you for your growing interest in my new charting platform.