Tech Blech

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If, one happy day, the world is engulfed in financial cataclysm and mayhem, we can remember back to the days when the turd-throwing apes at places like CNBC were pushing stories like this:


And, not to be outdone, other mainstream media wanted to jump into the fray – – and goose unsuspecting Ma & Pa Kettle “investors” into overpriced crap like Google………..


“Go Google!” Are you fucking kidding me? What a bunch of shameless shills.

Of course, here on Slope, we know what happens when antique-shopping, hair-dressing, mincing mainstream media permabulls get giddy and breathless about something as meaningless as four digits……….




Helping along………..incredibly, I think, but helping nonetheless………was Vice {hilarious double-entendre deleted, for the sake of political correctness) Stanley Fischer, who actually hinted that stocks might not be the greatest value on the entire planet these days.

How’d you like to wake up to THAT face one morning after a night of excessive binge-drinking?

For myself, I have 45 short positions (but of course PLUS members already knew that), 43 of which are profitable and 2 of which have a loss of, I dunno, like a couple of bucks or something. I also have the entirety of my ETF portfolio into QID, which is doing dandy.

I’d urge you to spend some time with SlopeCharts, since it’s got so many new features (and remember the dedicated menu has plenty of instructional material).

Oh, one last thing I just saw – – this………..


Oh, Janet. I’m going to make you eat these words off the body part of my choice, you scum-sucking, scandalous skank.