The Survivors – Part 3 of 4

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Preface to all four parts: This weekend, I’m taking my short portfolio and sharing it in its entirety with Slopers. It is broken into four parts, two for everyone and two for PLUS members. I have made a point of zooming in to the most salient part. As always, you can see any of these charts in their entirety on the wonderful SlopeCharts system.

Retracement back to underside of completed topping pattern:


Very similar situation here:


Breakdown under triangle pattern with retrace:


A rather sloppy top with a stop-loss just above that higher horizontal:


At the upper range of a long-term uptrend with a recent trendline failure.


Topping pattern about 75% complete; breaking the red horizontal would break the long-term uptrend as well:


This retailer has been terribly strong the past couple of months. I might be a little early on this one:


Enormous head and shoulders pattern, with the right shoulder still in formation:


Auto parts retailer with very clean top and a retracement back up to resistance.


Triple-digit gap down followed by a partial recovery. Stop price is just above red line:


Another exceptionally clean analog with the most recent patter complete:


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