Instant Karma? Instant Trendlines!

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I am de-diddly-de-lighted to announce yet another awesome feature in my beloved SlopeCharts platform: Instant Trendlines!

“But wait a moment, Tim! You already created Automatic Trendlines for your beloved PLUS users. What’s the deal?”

Well, thanks to a suggestion from one of SlopeCharts’ fans, this is something totally new. The user wanted to know if we could make trendlines show up automatically without him having to ask for them. We gave it some thought and have developed a beautiful new addition for PLUS users, who already enjoy the automatic trendlines feature. Here’s the new checkbox:


If you select this, charts will AUTOMATICALLY display upper and lower trendlines for every chart you load. These are “instant” are but not retained unless you explicitly ask. Even cooler, when you zoom in to the chart, there are new instant trendlines created based on whatever subset of data you are viewing! SlopeCharts ROCKS!

Here’s a little video I whipped up showing me thumbing through some charts. Note how the trendlines are automatic, and if I right-click on one of them, I can permanently save that line (or both of them).

You PLUS users have immediate access to this new feature. I wanted everyone to know that work never stops on SlopeCharts, and more broadly, I think you folks are going to have a heart attack when you see how fantastic the new Slope of Hope is going to be.

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