2020 Vision (T-5 Days)

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Preface to all parts: 2019 was a great year for the Slope of Hope, with a much wider array of tools and a record number of premium subscribers. I have extracted what I consider the best posts from the year and, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, arranged links to them in a set of ten short posts. For those who want to support the site (as this is my full time job, 365 days a year), I encourage you to open up a brokerage account at tastyworks, try out TradeMachine Pro, or subscribe to a Slope premium membership, which opens up a tremendous array of features for you and your trading. Here, then, are the posts for this segment:

About “You Are Here”
Bad analogies really bug me.

Taipei and Human Codes
A quirky experience while traveling in Asia

Snap Judgments
Tim totally loses it at the airport.

Beach Tales
Phuket tidal waves and flooding.

The Era of Revenge
How social mood affects society’s desire for vengeance

The Bond Yield Continuum and Gold
Wailing and gnashing of teeth with respect to the bond bear market

This is War
Binkius Hippo brings us up to speed on the reality of the trade war

The Hopeless Population
Musings about the homeless population of my fair city