Mortar & Pestle

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I’ve been in the markets since 1987. I thought the market was strange in 1999. I thought it was odd in 2007. But nothing – – nothing! – – comes even close to what we’re going through now. It’s like I’ve met people who were 2’3″ and 1’9″ and then met someone who was four micrometers high. There’s no comparison.

And thus, we’ve seen volatility pounded and pounded and pounded until it is at 11. And why not? Even the most empty-headed simpleton realizes that the Federal Reserve is directly pushing the market up every day, and Dow 30,000 is clearly in their sights. It makes great press. So here’s the sad state of the VIX:


A warning, though. We’ve seen this before. And it’s impossible to know when the rug gets yanked. So be as wise as snakes, but innocent as doves.