Online Forms Teeth-Clench

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Time for a rant: online forms.

I’ve been mixed up with computers since 1979 and have been online since 1982. So I know my way around a keyboard. But some of the online forms today drive me bananas. So I’m just going to vent a bit here.

First off, and I’m sure you’ve seen this everywhere, is the alphabetical ordering of dropdowns. Sorry to be so US-centric, but, setting aside the fact that the websites I go to are 99% American visitors, I also happen to be very obviously in America, so the form should take that into account. Sorry to be so US-centric, but good GOD, however many freaking Afghanis are establishing banking information on Google??? (or Albanians or Algerians, for that matter). Put the United States at the TOP, you goons.


And, just to keep needling me, they pull the same student with currencies. Ya know, pal, most of us use the US Dollar, not Dirham (?!?!?!?), or Lek, or Dram. Jesus H. Christ on a pita biscuit, this is annoying.


Even as simple a thing as gender, in our WOKE society, isn’t straightforward anymore. I actually have a special fondness for sites these days they ask if you’re a goddamned MALE or a goddamned FEMALE. But not so with Google. You can be…………..Custom:


But………..the one I hate the most……….and United Airlines and Apple both do this, as I am sure many others do: is the Personal Question Which Could Have Many Answers:


My DREAM JOB? Are you KIDDING ME? How is a person supposed to state one and only one job, in a very specific way, and five months later, when he needs to unlock his password, REMEMBER it?

Or their favorite book from childhood? Did you honestly have only ONE? And if you did, what will you type?

  • Curious George
  • Curious George Rides a Bike
  • The Curious George Series

Remember, it has to match EXACTLY. Just read those questions. Would you have precisely one and only one, and you’d enter it precisely the same way months or years in the future? Clearly, the answer is no.

Just give me a Face Scan. This is preposterous.