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It’s actually kind of a shame that the soulless scumbags that have created this 11 year bull(shit) market are going to have a virus to blame for its termination, since the public is too blinkered and clueless to know otherwise. Of course, the soulless Wilbur Ross, who himself will be a corpse quite soon, was gleefully declaring how the virus would restore American jobs. He’s on his third marriage (failed marriages and fractured families seem to be a requirement of this administration) , so I’m not so sure how much faith you should have in his prognostications about what anyone’s future holds.

In any case, the market continues to unravel. Every single one of my 61 short positions is profitable, and my longs (gold, bonds) are going great too. Here’s the Dow Jones Composite, following the ridiculous AMZN blow-out numbers last night, which everyone assumed would push the Dow over 30,000.

Even the NASDAQ, propped up by the TRILLIONS of dollars of market cap from Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple, is flipping around with a bearish engulfing pattern.

Since we are at the end of this glorious month, take a look at the monthly bar, instead of the daily bars shown above. Shooting star pattern, anyone?

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