The Shift Hits the Fan

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I promise, this is not a solicitation to talk politics, nor a provocation to do so. I just like charts. And I find what’s happened over the past four months to be just amazing.

Below is the chart of the odds for certain individuals to win the Democratic nomination. Four months ago, in October, Elizabeth Warren had an ungodly lead. In fact, she had a greater percentage than every other candidate combined!


Fast forward to the present, and her poll numbers look like an Internet stock from 2000-2002. She is almost at single digits now. The comeback kid has been none other than Bernie Sanders, who is a cat’s whisker away from overtaking the he-is-so-boring Joe Biden.


No doubt there will be more flipping and flopping to come, but the “flame-out” that Warren has suffered truly reminds me of a stock that has gone from hero to zero.