Trade from the Chart

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I’m very excited to tell you we’ve made great progress on brokerage integration. For the moment, this is focused on Tradier, although if this meets with success, we’ll expand from there. This is currently in test mode, but if you’ve got a Tradier account, I’d love for you to try it out. (You need to log in first for it to work).

There are three ways to get to the trading screen. From the Tools menu in SlopeCharts:

By right-clicking a symbol on a watch list:

And from the brokerage dialog box (which is accessed by clicking the dollar sign icon in SlopeCharts):

Once you invoke the trade dialog box, you can create equity trades…..

…..options trades……

…….complex multi-leg options traders…..

……..and, finally, a combo trade (equity+option).

Whether you’re on Tradier or not, let me know if you see anything missing or any extra features you’d like to see. We’re still putting the spit ‘n’ polish on this, but I’m anxious to read your feedback. Again, this is in Preview mode (no trades will be executed), but I really want to get feedback on the user interface.