Illusions. Lies. Falsehoods.

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As most of you know, everything I know I learned from the original Star Trek series.

The other night, as I was watching Specter of the Gun for the billionth time, the scene below struck me as absolutely appropriate for what we’re living through now. As we consider what the traitorous son-of-a-bitch Jerome Powell is doing to destroy this country, for the benefit of his billionaire butt buddies, Spock’s wise words come to mind:

The bullets are unreal. Without body. They are illusions only. Shadows without substance. They will not pass through your body, for they do not exist. Unreal. Appearances only. They are shadows. Illusions. Nothing but ghosts of reality. They are lies. Falsehoods. Specters without body. They are to be ignored.

Powell and his currency-printing guns are the quartet of men in black shown in the clip. Drink in the scene and appreciate how it applies to our times.